Stacy Lee
I want to show the stages of development for "the ocean calls." I used a Wacom Intuos3 4X5 tablet for this digital painting. It was done freehand and entirely in Photoshop CS2. I used 2 different kinds of brushes throughout the entire process.

First, I drew the conch (which you can't see here, it was on a different layer). Then I started to fill in the color like you see here:

Then, I started to develop more of the highlights and bright colors:

Here is pretty much the final product without the background and blending mode (I applied that at the end to create a more shell-like texture to the conch):

Lastly, here is the final result with a bending mode applied in Photoshop and the background in place:

You can see a better image of this piece at imagekind here. Once you are there, just click on the picture to see a bigger version.

I hope this was helpful!
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