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"the ocean moves" is the second piece in my Nautical Series. The first piece is "the ocean calls" which is of the conch shell. "the ocean moves" is entirely a digital painting done by a Wacom Intuos3 tablet using Corel Painter. Here is how I started and progressed in the painting to get the final result.

Step 1: I just wanted to cover the entire canvas to get the basic shape and movement of the wave. Thus, I used a large brush here.

Step 2: Here, I started to build upon what I had already laid down. I started to use a smaller brush to fill in some more detailed colors and highlights.

Step 3: Here, I really went in and started refining areas of the painting to give it a more solid shape and to really bring out the overall structure of the wave.

Step 4: Next, I went in and added more details to the wave since the structure and the shape of the wave was more apparent.

Step 5: After Step 4, I realized that the brush I was using was making the painting look blurry and not quite as impressionistic as I liked. I wanted the piece to be clear and yet impressionistic in order to really bring out the movement of the wave. Thus, I went over the entire painting with a different brush in Painter in order to make the wave more bold, impressionistic, and clear. I went right over top of the old brush strokes and began to fill in the wave with the same colors.

Step 6: Then, I refined what I did in step 5 to create the final piece. I realized that I didn't like the look of the sea mist at the top right hand corner so I scratched that. I wanted the focus to be more on the actual wave itself. I also used a blender brush to really get the feeling of the water mist that was coming off of this powerful wave. The final result:

To see a bigger version of "the ocean moves" go here and click on the painting.
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