Stacy Lee


Praise be to His glorious name forever;
may the whole earth be filled with His glory.
Amen and Amen.
~Psalm 72:19

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
~1 Corinthians 10:31

We have to seek God in order to know what we can do in this life for His Glory. Oswald Chambers says that prayer makes us one with God (My Utmost for His Highest). It is our union with God in prayer--when two become one--that makes us re-sensitized to His Spirit and allows us to yield in our daily lives as He leads. If I have not sought God to become one with Him, I cannot claim to be working for His Glory in anything. Prayer always comes first because without that union with God we cannot have Christ in us actively working in our daily lives in everything to bring glory to the Father. Our own stubborn wills will counteract His, and we will be working against each other instead of working as one. This union with God can only come with prayer, and I am convinced it is the very foundation upon which the church is to stand. I cannot stand on the solid rock of Christ if I have not become one with Him in prayer first. If I am working against Christ out of my own stubborn will, I am working against the very foundation I claim to be standing on. In my union with Him I am made aware of just how solid and secure a foundation He is for my feet. In acting out of that union, I am secure in my actions and decisions that they are all for His Glory and not for my own selfish desires.

I pray God will move in our prayer time (in the church as a whole and as individuals) to make us one with Himself so we can move forward and bring Him the Glory that is rightfully His in all things. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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5 Responses
  1. Mary Says:

    Good morning Stacy Lee. I like saying your name. It sounds nice together. Stacy Lee. :)

    You are so right. If we do not take the time to communicate with our Lord we do not get to know him and his will for much of anything. "Prayer" can sometimes seem like a complicated thing for some reason, and really it's just talking, communicating. If we had a friend and did not spend time with that friend we would not have a very close relationship. We would not learn the likes and dislikes or much of anything about that person. Our life with Christ is just that - a relationship. We must take the time to cultivate that relationship. It takes time, prayer, and time being still listening. We miss so much when we do not!

    Thanks for the reminder to do what is most important!!

  2. Stacy Lee, Your art and your posts are so inspiring and beautiful. What a lovely way to honor Him and bring Him glory with your talents.

  3. Your beautiful painting and wonderful words were on my google friens posting. I have really enjoyed both. Norval

  4. Mary Says:

    Hey Stacy Lee, you have not posted for awhile, just checking to see how you are doing??


  5. Stacy Lee Says:

    Thank you all for your comments :)

    I'm here, Mary. I've been meaning to post all week! Your reminder was the nudge from God that I needed this morning :). Thank you for checking in!