Stacy Lee

She Prayed with Prayer

Elijah was a man of like passions to us, and he prayed with prayer that it should not rain; and it did not rain upon the earth three years and six months; and again he prayed, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth caused its fruit to spring forth. ~James 5:17-18

Have you ever gotten a hold of God in prayer? We often commend the prayer warriors of the Bible. But do we understand that they were just like us? God answers our prayers just like he would Elijah's when our hearts are in the right place. In this passage, James is encouraging us in prayer. He is telling us that God honors our prayers just like he does Elijah's prayers. God loves us the same! Will He not also honor our prayers?

Let's look at how James describes Elijah's prayer. He "prayed with prayer." This is the Greek language's way of describing intense, focused prayer. In other words, as Elijah prayed, he prayed. Have you ever been so desperate for God that you just got caught up in the prayer and absolutely nothing could break your focus? I think this is where Elijah stood. He got lost in his prayer because of his hunger and desperation for God. He knew God was the source and power of all things. God honors Elijah's passionate faith, and honored his prayer.

I think it's also important to mention that Elijah was a man who knew the Lord. His heart was broken over what he had seen so he begged God to stop the rain, or stop the flow of blessing from Heaven. Elijah prayed a prayer that would honor God and bring His people back to him. I believe Elijah had God and His people's best interests at heart.

With all this said, we can know God like Elijah. We can pray like Elijah. We can be desperate for God like Elijah. I'd encourage you today to search your heart. Ask the Lord to give you a prayer that would honor and glorify Him. Then get on your knees and cry out in desperation to the Lord to move. Experience like Elijah what it means to pray, as you pray.

May the Lord bless you in prayer! Remember, He loves YOU.

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