Stacy Lee

A Trust Garden

A Trust Garden. It sounds so simple and yet it is so hard. I've found God to be so faithful in arranging and rearranging my circumstances to build up my faith and trust in Him. I'm thankful that He is the author and finisher of it. It takes a lot of pressure off of me :). Lord knows I feel like a mess so many times trying to keep up with everything. Then I remind myself that I don't have too-- He's got it all figured out. All of it!

I'm thinking that God has brought me so far and sent me to places I never thought I would go. I'm thinking about all the things I've been through and how bright some places have been and how dark, dark, dark others have been. I look back and can only see a blanket of His faithfulness. And so when God created this piece through me I boldly felt in my Spirit that out of all these dark places that I can trust Him to bring me through it and find a garden on the other side of it all.

I can so see the light and see Him making everything new. I see His glory, His grace, His mercy and all of His promises, and I know His promises are as good as true today even if all of them have not come to past yet.

Ultimately, "A Trust Garden" is all about God and His Glory. Just stay connected to Him and let His Name be glorified. Just stay connected and He will bear so much fruit through your branch. The Vine will never fail you. Never.

The plans of the LORD stand firm forever, 
the purposes of his heart through all generations. ~Psalm 33:11

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2 Responses
  1. Christina A Says:

    What beautiful art you make! Your reflections as well speak to the heart! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It makes you think of the Rest found in Our Lord alone