Stacy Lee
The Woodland series is what the title of this blog says: a journey of emotional healing. These images are therapeutic prayers for healing. The more I started to create, the more I learned about myself and how far along I was on my healing journey.

We all have to be healed of life's trials and tribulations. Everyone gets to that limit where they can't go any farther until the healing process begins. Before I started the Woodland series, I had reached my limit.

I pray over these art pieces that not only would they help me, but my viewers. I believe you, too, can find healing. I pray that my work will help you in that process. Each piece in the Woodland series marks a new place in my journey, but also in your journey as well. Please interpret these pieces and decide what they mean to you personally. I believe there is a relationship between God, Art, and Healing. The Woodland series explores that relationship.

You may find all the images in the Woodland Series and information about them here.
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