Stacy Lee
Digital Mixed Media. Mostly done in Photoshop CS2. A touch of Corel Painter and Apophysis 2.0. This image is composed of digital painting, a few fractals, and several photographs added for texture.

This is the first I’ve completed in a new series: The Elijah Series. This image represents the chariot of fire. You can read about it here: 2 Kings 2:7-12. There is so much going on in this image so I’ll help you out: The Chariot driven by some sort of Angelic being is in the center of the image while the horses of fire are at the bottom, very front of the image. The blazing light of Heaven is in the very back. Basically, the sky has opened up and the Chariot of Fire is coming down from Heaven to separate Elisha and Elijah. The whirlwind that takes Elijah up into Heaven will be the next image I do in this series. Thank you for looking!

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