Stacy Lee

I desire therefore that people pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
~1 Timothy 2:8
The Word that is descending upon her is Isaiah 51.
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Prayer has to come first in the Christian life. I cannot be with my Maker unless I am engaged in constant prayer. I cannot walk and talk intimately with my God unless I am engaged in constant prayer. I cannot complete my tasks and missions I am called into on this earth unless I am engaged in constant prayer and seeking Him for the purposes He has called me into. I cannot love others unless I am engaged in constant prayer, talking with God and asking Him to teach me how to love others the way He has loved me. I cannot be healed unless I am engaged constant prayer seeking my Healer who knows every single strand of hair on my head. I cannot get through life's dangerous walk without heeding His warnings and guidance unless I am engaged in constant prayer.

The goal of Christianity should be to intimately know your Maker as deeply and richly as possible. It's getting back to that garden of Eden where Adam and Eve did walk with God in that beautiful place before the fall. Because Christ has come to set us free from the fall, we can get back there. Restored Adam and restored Eve in Christ can intimately know their Maker, and they are called to draw those around them into Christ so they may, too, be resurrected from their fallen state. I was a captive, but by allowing Christ into my heart and intimately engaging Him in prayer on a constant basis, I am freed every single day of my life. Sin and Satan cannot hold me. Prayer with my God keeps me alive on every level in my heart. And a heart fully alive, not shattered and broken, but whole in Christ is God's Glory revealed.

Irenaeus said, "The glory of God is man fully alive." This is only possible through prayer with God Himself-- so Jesus can enter in and do what He wants to do for all of God's children: set the captives free so we are God's Glory, which is being fully alive in Him. Prayer through Jesus Christ makes this possible to everyone. Praise God!

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