Stacy Lee
I made some cute little mini cards that are great for craft projects or card inserts. I'm putting them in my Christmas Cards this year as something extra :) Two designs contain "Merry Christmas" and the other ones hold artwork on one side and scripture on the back. You can customize them to say what you want. I hope you enjoy these! They were fun to make! Please click on the images to see what is on the back of each card! Each one is designed differently.

(This one has the vertical red stripe and snowflake design on the back)

(This one has the artwork "Had I not Believed" on the back)

Sunflower Mini Customizable Card profilecard
Sunflower Mini Customizable Card by StacyLeeArt
(This one has "Rest in the shadow of the Almighty" on the back)

Horse & Scripture Mini Card Customizable profilecard
Horse & Scripture Mini Card Customizable by StacyLeeArt
(This one has "Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart" on the back)

(You can put your website link on the back of this one or anything else you'd like)

Enjoy and get ready for the Holiday Season! :)

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