Stacy Lee

Leap of Faith

"Leap of Faith" was recently published in "Horizons." You can see the magazine issue here.

I've been in a storm of a busy season and unfortunately the art has taken a back seat. God has been so faithful and gentle in His whispers.... this to shall pass and the art will make a comeback. The hardest part is realizing how much communion I have with Him while creating and how that has been lacking lately. In 2013, Lord Willing, I pray I will have more time and room for the art. I want to be sensitive to God's heart and His timing, but I feel that gentle nudge in that direction. This recent publication was an encouragement to me, a blessing and an honor.

To my fellow art watchers and lovers out there, thanks for being patient during this quiet season. I feel an outpouring building up in my Spirit. All in His time.... He restores all things in His time.


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